What the hell does that even mean? Don’t you get tired of all that mumbo jumbo? What the hell is ‘your truth’? Isn’t your truth everyone else’s truth? Isn’t the truth just that…. the truth??


Do you remember when you were a little kid? Recall a memory from that time. I remember the pride I felt when I finally learned to tie my shoe. Oh I was so happy with myself! And what about when you were a teenager? A young adult? Your memories are of ‘you’ in that moment. No matter what your age or body size, ’you’ were there. You, your essence, your soul if you will, has always been there. And layered on top of ‘you’ are opinions, feelings, and beliefs that have formed over the years. The environment and culture certainly influenced you, but it didn’t change the essence of who you are.

Fast-forward to today. We are getting bombarded with news and events from every direction. We are distracted by our to-do lists, illness, jobs, and bills. Our attentions is diverted everywhere. We constantly feel as if we are barely keeping up. It can be maddening.

Until you are still. Sitting quietly or walking alone without others, without distraction.

And then it gets real interesting.
Many of us cannot handle the stillness. The stillness that is you. We simply must pick up our phone or start talking or DO something to get away from our inner place. It can be very unsettling.

BUT. Your stillness is where your magic is. That’s where you, your unique essence resides. And damn, you are filled with wisdom. Seriously. We are all filled with wisdom.

Your superpower is your essence and it can only be accessed in stillness.
Have you ever had the experience of knowing you have a decision to make, and you consciously go somewhere quiet and sit with yourself. Pretty soon, your truth arises and you know exactly what to do.

If you want to access your incredible, unique, almighty superpower that is you, I have developed a free 6 day journal (and it only takes 15 minutes a day!) that you can print and use for a week, or keep using repeatedly. Why do I want you to have this? Because what I know for sure is that we all have inner wisdom, and sometimes we just need a little help getting access.

Never ever forget how brilliant you truly are.