Are you just getting through today? Forget the crap about making it a good day: sometimes life throws you sucky rotten lemons that you can barely duck from. Sometimes embracing the day is not an option.

So what do you do? I have had days in hell— days where I have wanted to hide under a blanket and sleep all day to escape the nonstop pain. But I couldn’t, and if you’re in this kind of hell, you cannot either. But being miserable is awful. Is there anything at all that can help?

Yes. It will not take away the circumstances causing the pain, but you do have more control than you think. First, give yourself 5 minutes. Yes it might be hiding away in the bathroom but it is necessary. Then breathe— slowly into your heart. Feel yourself in your heart as you move away from the ever present thoughts in your head. Right this minute what are you grateful for? Anything at all? The bird on the feeder? The comfy socks you have on? It doesn’t have to be big, just one small thing you can hold onto.

Next, is there anyone you feel connected with? Anyone who knows what you are going through?Sometimes just thinking of this person is enough. Other times letting yourself be vulnerable enough to reach out and let that person know of your pain is the next right thing to do. Maybe even take the bold step of asking a professional for help. Being brave despite your fear is a tremendous act of courage.

You are never alone. We are never alone. Let yourself feel connected to what is around you. Pain seems to be as much a part of our lives as joy. And when you are in the depths of hell, try to let others help you lesson the pain. Just as you will for them someday. ❤️