Is this you?

There is so much self-help information out there, mostly from people who really do want to help. So why do you still feel like shit when others rave about the help they’ve received? In fact, why do the ‘helpful’ messages sometimes make you feel even worse? Like you really truly cannot get your shit together kind of worse?

Consider the following:

1. We have been socially conditioned to think that we always have the ability to get ourselves out a funk simply by reading inspiring words, or following a set of ‘rules’ that someone has set before us to follow. And we fail. Or we succeed and then fail. And we are back in the same despairing place again.

2. We blame ourselves. Similar to 1 but different. The above refers to continually believing something that we read will help, but then failing over and over again. Step 2 goes further. We blame ourselves for everything we possibly can. We are unworthy, defective in some way, broken.

3. We don’t know how to help ourselves and yet cannot ask for help. And so we keep hoping self-help books, reddit, facebook, freebies, etc. will guide us. And sometimes they do! But when the despair, the depression, the anxiety or other types of pain are too much, it is never enough. It is like putting a bandaid on a gaping wound, hoping like hell it will stop the bleeding.

So what are you to do? This is where it’s going to get real. It is time to reveal your courage. Shake loose that superhero cloak. Stand tall in whatever power you can dredge up. Because you are going to need it. Why? Because it is time. Take a deep breath. You can do this.

It is time to reach for professional help. Yes. Take another breath. What kind of help has helped you in the past? What kind of help have you thought about getting? Maybe it’s a therapist, a doctor, a minister or rabbi. Perhaps someone spiritual. Or someone who can prescribe life-saving medications. A coach or therapist to help unravel the chaos and despair. I believe we all NEED professional help at many points on this journey we call life.

Please believe me.

My roles have included being a doctor, a patient, a parent of a very sick child, a friend, and a caregiver. One who has experienced tremendous pain and fantastic joy. You see, our journeys are all different, and yet the same. Some are blessed with more joy, other’s with an unfair share of despair. But at some point, most of us have been given more pain than we can handle on our own.

And that is your cue. When you simply do not feel better with the self-help, or talking to friends or loved ones, or even prayer, then it is time. It is ime to call or text for help.

You’ve got this.

That superhero cloak? It belongs to you.

Crisis Text line: Text HOME to 741741 for crisis support in the United States, OR


Other Countries: