Be the superHERO in your loved one’s life.

Serious illness strikes your family.

Your world implodes.

I’ve been there. For seven long years. And I’ve learned a thing or two about mastering the up and downs of all aspects of illness. The devasting effects on your loved one, your family and on you.

As a coach, a physician, and most importantly, a caregiver of a loved one’s terrible illness, I have the expertise and compassion to help you through this. Let me shave years from your journey as you master the ins and outs of this epic journey.

I will teach you about the illness, where to find answers and how to approach medical professionals. But just as importantly, I will show you how to support your loved ones during this tremendously difficult time.

Above all, I will coach you to become the superhero in your life. I will show you how to take care of yourself and decrease your stress before you become ill. I will even show you how to bring some aspects of joy and happiness back into your life. It is possible and I will show you how. Finally, I will invite you to join a community of like-minded women, and together, we shall prevail. 

Let’s do this.

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I’m Dr. Sharon Kelley.

Trained as both a psychiatrist and a life coach, I help women take on the biggest journey of their life. When serious illness strikes the family, the woman is often the bearer of not only caring for their loved one, but also figuring out the treatments, navigating insurance, juggling their work and possibly children. In short, we are expected to handle it all and keep sane throughout the process. It is an impossible job, but I am here to help you handle your many responsibilities as smoothly as possible, all the while making room for you to take care of yourself and find moments of joy and pleasure. In short, you will become a superHERO for everything that lies ahead.


Let’s do this.

“In a world full of ordinary mortals, you are a wonder woman.”

-Queen Hypolyta (Wonder Woman’s mom)

“It’s not often I get a chance to work with a brilliant psychiatrist/coach who can approach every life issue through expertise in medicine, therapy, and the newest coaching techniques.

It’s even rarer to discover that such a highly trained expert is also gentle, open, and deeply empathic. I don’t know how Sharon Kelley got through all that training with her humanity so luminous, but I do know her method of “inspired healing” has been a blessing to my body, mind, and life.

Let it be a blessing to yours, too. Hire this coach!”

Martha Beck

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I coach a small number of clients and devote incredible support to help you step into your unique brilliance as you journey through your loved one’s illness. For a taste of what can happen, download my FREE Life-Changing Exercise. Seriously, life-changing!!

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